We are a specialist recycler for solar panels and solar related equipment based in London, United Kingdom.

If you have any items to recycle or any surplus stocks please contact us on +44 02034880178 or +44 07534195569

or email us  info@solar2recycle.com

We pay cash for any used or defective solar panels or equipment, the guide price is below, please call us to discuss! We can arrange transportation to take the panels directly from your warehouse, hassle free!

Why recycle solar panels

Solar panels are manufactured to last to up to 25 years so they definitely designed to have a durable lifespan. However, adverse weather conditions, external impact and manufacturing failure can all lead to the premature decline of solar panels. Although a young and dynamic industry, the solar market is starting to recognise the looming issue of recycling and waste management challenge for the solar panels.

We are set up to diffuse the challenge of recycling various makes of solar panels. We act as a central point to collect, sort and dispose the solar panels in the most efficient manner to minimise environmental damage and extract the useable materials for reuse in other projects which further preserve and extend the green potential of solar panels.

Solar Farm Decommissioning

New solar technologies means recently produced panels are more advanced and therefore capable of producing higher amount of electricity using the same space. This leads to the potential advantage of decommission the old panels from your solar parks and replacing them with new panels with enhanced capacity. Those decommissioned panels are often still in reasonably good condition and can therefore be deployed for other projects or recycled to extract the underlying materials. We are a specialist in decommissioned unbroken modules, we can help you find effective solutions to re-use or recycle these panels to minimise environmental waste and cost and maximise returns on your solar projects.

200-280 wp

We buy panels with issues
such as degradation,
scratches on frames,
backsheet problems,
damaged junction boxes etc.

Start from
Depending on condition.

Used and
Good Quality Solar Panels

Start from
Depending on brand,
year of use and

or Used Thin Film

Contact us for price

New & Unused

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*Packing Details (If forklift is on site): A maximum of 30 solar panels per pallet will need to be securely shrink wrapped to a suitable pallet and then banded (metal or plastic) at 2 points. Maximum pallet height of 1200 mm. Maximum pallet weight 1000kg. We reserve the right to refuse any pallets that do not conform with our guidelines or additional charges may be levied.

Unfortunately we cannot return pallets or strapping materials.

**Packing Details (If no forklift is on site - eg. solar farm): We collect from your location via our dedicated transport and labour team. We will need good access to the site for our collection vehicle, modules must be in an area free of obstacles & contamination, within reasonable walking distance to the loading area.